flagMenco Royal Construction shims, (also called drywall shims), measure 45” long by 1-½” wide by .060, .080., and 090” thick.

Construction crews use them to quickly and inexpensively correct minor framing flaws such as bowed or twisted studs, out of plumb corners, and misaligned window and door frames. They are also used to fur out the two studs adjacent to the vertical joint where two sheets of drywall meet, creating a slight cavity at the joint. This allows the tape and mud to lay perfectly flat, eliminating wavy walls, and reducing finishing labor.

Trim carpenters are in constant need of flat, thin, consistently sized furring stock. They use our strips to level countertops, plumb cabinets, place behind baseboards and door casings, and to center and square window jambs and sills. The uniform thickness of each strip allows for precise, incremental furring of virtually any surface.

A quality drywall job depends on the framing to be as straight and flat as possible. Yet, as we all know, walls don’t always turn out that way, even with everything done correctly. Bowed, twisted, or crowned studs, heavy-duty joist hangers, shower unit lips, and door and window headers that inexplicably end up at 3 3/4″ thick are just a few of the challenges every drywall installer will encounter. Sometimes the installer will fix the problem with whatever is lying around ( I have seen folded newspaper used for furring) or maybe hunt down a carpenter to fix it . But if there is not a convenient remedy within arms reach, the typical hanger will ignore the problem, letting the finisher deal with it. This leads to more time for the finisher, more mud on the wall, and more cracks and warranty work in the future.

Our drywall shims make quick work of these and the many other framing flaws found on every job. Problems that take a finisher several coats of mud and who knows how much time to fix can be remedied by the installer in seconds using our drywall shims. A drywall shim is merely a strip of solid fiberboard that measures 45” long by 1-½” wide by 3/32” thick. They can be stacked up to about ½”, and can be cut with a utility knife.

Another common problem with drywall is ridging of the vertical joints. When tape is applied to the joint a high spot is created that must be feathered out by the finisher. When light is cast down the wall, these ridges can still often be seen. By shimming the two studs adjacent to the stud where the drywall breaks, an indent is created at the joint. This allows the tape to lay flat into the wall, requiring less finishing and sanding labor, and less mud. The result is a much flatter wall, free from ridges.

Our shims are also very popular with trim carpenters, who use them for everything from backing door and window casings, setting window sills, leveling countertops, and installing cabinets. Their uniform thickness provides precise, incremental furring for practically any surface. When a carpenter needs a thin furring strip, the only alternative is to rip a 2×4, which consumes time and material.

Simply put, there is no easier, faster, or less expensive way to create perfect walls and trim than with Menco Royal construction shims.

Drywall Shims

Menco Royal Construction Shims (Drywall Shims) $13.25

Box of 100 $13.25 each plus shipping. 1.5” x 45” .060 point box of 100. Shipped to the lower 48 states by Fed Ex ground. Please contact us for local pick up, International shipping rates, or purchasing by bulk.