Reclaimed products are made from recycled materials in a variety of thickness:  26 pt, 30 pt, 40-45 pt, 50-55 pt, 60 pt and 80 pt. Custom cut to your specifications up to 44” X 56” with a tolerance of +/- .002”.  Gaylord boxes are exceptional quality for once used boxes.

Special coatings for slip and non-slip are available.  Please call for more details and prices!


Layer Pads

Layer Pads are used to separate products in finishing packages. Layer Pads can be custom cut to your specifications up to 44″ X 56″


Drywall Shims

Drywall Shims also knows as Furring Strips or Construction Shims are used to quickly correct minor framing flaws in wall, door, and floor construction. Menco Drywall Shims are made of 100% recycled material click here to learn more or purchase our Menco Royal Construction Shims


Skee Sheets

Skee Sheets are a Menco Royal exclusive product. Skee sheets are a slip sheet with one tab pre-bent for use under fragile merchandise. This protects the merchandise when there is a risk of the tab damaging the product.


Tier Sheets

Tier Sheets are used between layers of cans and bottles on pallets. These sheets protect the product for shipment to can and bottle suppliers.



Slip Sheets

Slip Sheets are a solid fiber sheet with one or more tabs. Slip sheets are used to ship products on instead of pallets. Watch the video below for a demonstration on the use of Slip Sheets.


Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord Boxes are sized to fit on a 48″ x 40″ pallet with heights ranging from 45-50 inches tall.