Menco Royal Inc. is an innovative paper converting company in the field of recycling to reduce environmental impact by reusing paper packaging products.  Our goal is to help your company reduce it’s carbon foot print by converting pre-used paper packaging products. These efforts reduce the need to manufacture new paper, therefore saving our valuable natural resources.

Our company is a socially responsible corporation, committed to the environment, and dedicated to providing customers with outstanding value through innovative products and services. Menco Royal Inc. has developed through diversification and integration from raw materials to finished products. We pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and customer service. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Drywall Shims

Our drywall shims make quick work of these and the many other framing flaws found on every job. Click here to learn more!

We Purchase

Menco Royal Inc. purchases used Tier Sheets made from chipboard, corrugated, plastic, solid fiber, or fiber board.

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