About Us


Menco Royal, Inc. is a pioneer in the reclaimed chipboard industry. Our founder and president, Margaret E. Neth, originally owned and operated a pallet manufacturing and repair company. In 1986 she discovered that the chipboard sheets received periodically on pallets from container manufacturers were not reused or recycled. With this discovery, Menco Royal decided to go “Green.” Margaret began collecting the used sheets from these companies, which not only saved them money, but kept the material out of landfills. The reclaimed sheets were taken back to the facility for sorting, trimming, and then resold, typically as 48”x40” pallet covers. Back then, the facility was only 5000 sq. ft. and all of the cutting was done with a table saw. Nonetheless, the business quickly grew as companies realized the significant savings of purchasing used, converted chipboard.

Today, Menco Royal is a major supplier of reclaimed and recycled products, servicing over 1,000 companies, nationwide from our 250,000 square foot facility. The table saw has long been replaced by an array of cutters, sheeters, slitters and dies to provide nearly any type of paper converting service.

A model for the Recycle, Reduce,  and Reuse philosophy, the reclamation program that she originated has saved over 50,000 tons of pulp-based products from going into landfills each year. This, in turn, has reduced the demand for new products, which reduces the need to cut down trees.  In addition to our reclaimed products, we offer a wide range of new products which, of course, come from recycled materials.

While Menco Royal’s commitment to the environment is clear, it is our commitment to our customers that has made our company a success. We value honest, long-term business relationships, and truly appreciate those that we have cultivated over the years. Should you choose Menco Royal to serve your company’s needs, you too will have our promise of friendly, professional, quick service, and quality products at a great price.